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True, but the community itself will cease to exist and become fractionalized which, as Wilson points out, is the failure of the music industry to realize an incredible opportunity.

Napster’s value as agent-of-change will continue, of course.

The RIAA is already sending Cease and Desist letters to ISPs that are hosting OpenNAP servers.


On 3/2/01 2:07 PM, “Derek Ferguson” wrote:

> Hmmm, but what will happen to the vast collection of OpenNap servers that
> are scattered around the world? has created a network of
> OpenNap servers that feature more than 17,000 users (and their music
> libraries) online at any given time, which is much higher than has ever been
> achieved by the Napster system.
> I don’t think this genie is going back into the bottle any time soon.
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>> Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 1:57 PM
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>> In as long as it takes for Judge Patel to draft and submit
>> the injunction,
>> Napster will be offline. This will probably be Monday but
>> may even be by
>> the end of business today.
>> If it’s Monday, expect a banner weekend of downloading to
>> start in earnest
>> this evening.
>> On Monday I’ll try to dig up some comparative internet
>> traffic reports.
>> -Ian.
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>> Friday March 2 3:49 PM ET
>> Napster Hearing Over, Judge to Draft Injunction
>> SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A crucial court hearing on the
>> future of Napster
>> Inc. ended Friday, with the judge saying she would begin drafting an
>> injunction, which could shut the popular song-swap service
>> down for good
>> over the issue of copyright infringement.
>> “The matter is submitted and I will issue some kind of preliminary
>> injunction,” U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel
>> said after more
>> than two hours of testimony from lawyers representing Napster and the
>> Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Patel gave
>> no hint on when
>> her new injunction might be issued.
>> A federal appeals court last month backed Patel’s decision
>> move against
>> Napster, although it told her to amend the order to specify
>> that record
>> labels must identify which of their copyrights were being infringed.
>> Industry analysts say even a modified injunction could pull
>> the plug on
>> Napster because the service is unable to differentiate
>> between copyrighted
>> and uncopyrighted material.
>> At Friday’s hearing, lawyers for Napster sought to persuade
>> Patel to delay
>> the injunction, saying the service was working on new
>> technology which would
>> effectively allow it to block users from accessing
>> copyrighted material.
>> The RIAA, meanwhile, urged Patel to press ahead with a quick
>> injunction,
>> saying delay opens the door to more online music piracy.