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I really need to get a life if I find this sort of stuff interesting.

Tamiya took the targeting and kill confirmation systems that NATO uses in their ground warfare exercises and made it smaller. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s bullet-free carnage. Essentially the same as Laser Tag, reflectors mounted on each unit (soldiers, tanks, trucks, etc.) count hits from lasers connected to various weapons on each unit. Pressing “FIRE” shoots a beam at the target and, if you hit it, the vehicle is disabled to a degree appropriate to the size of your weapon.

Anyway, now you can run NATO tank battle exercises in your back yard.



Tamiya is proud to release Battle System-a revolution in tank-to-tank fighting. This system incorporates infrared light and realistic sound, eliminating the difficulty in judging, often found with other tank-to-tank games. Furthermore, infrared light is totally harmless and prevents damage to details of the tank body. The system is comprised of the GFS (Gun Fire Simulator) Unit and the Infrared LED Unit, for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams. A wide range of sound effects and actions are reproduced with Battle System including: damage blast, engine trouble sound, loss of speed, blast reaction, limited operation state, and finally inoperative state. Battle System provides a maximum shooting range of 30m and can be easily installed to your tank even after assembly and painting. Battle System lets you bring out the true roar of your 1/16 RC Tank!

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