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Well, maybe not. You still have to buy a Writable DVD drive for $4k, and because there are still three DVD standards out there, of course you’re going to pick the wrong one..



Thursday December 7, 1:09 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

Download the World’s First Personal DVD Authoring Software AT

New SpruceUp Software For Windows PC’s Lets Individuals Create Their Own Web-Enabled DVD Titles For Only $129

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec. 7, 2000– Spruce Technologies, Inc., the market leader in new media authoring solutions and services, has made SpruceUp(TM), the world’s only web-enabled Personal DVD Authoring software, available for immediate download via its web site at

SpruceUp is the first product to combine ease-of-use, a powerful feature set, creative freedom, and the affordable price point that makes DVD authoring viable at the personal level. Delivery of SpruceUp has been eagerly anticipated since it received tremendous response from both the video professionals at DVExpo and from the broader market of PC users at the recent Comdex show.

According to Stephen Inoue, Product Manager for SpruceUp, “Since the advent of DVD, personal PC users have anxiously been waiting for the day that they would be able to take advantage of this powerful recording medium. With the immediate availability of SpruceUp, that day has officially arrived. As people who tried the demo during the past few weeks have told us, SpruceUp makes a powerful personal DVD authoring solution that is simultaneously easy-to-use for the beginner and feature-rich enough to satisfy the most hard-core enthusiast.”

Unlike early systems, limited to putting simple linear content on a disc or staying within the restrictions of predefined templates, SpruceUp is a real creative tool. Users can shape captured content and author their own rich and captivating productions–such milestones as weddings, birthdays, reunions, graduations, conferences, corporate presentations, and product catalogs–to share with family, friends, colleagues, and clients on their Windows PCs.

Not only does SpruceUp bring the power of DVD-Video to the Personal user, but it also includes the hottest new trend – WebDVD. With Spruce’s patent-pending Convergence(TM) technology, adding Web links to productions is as simple as typing a URL. When the disc is played back on a Web-connected PC using Spruce’s supplied redistributable player, pages will come up automatically in sync with the program!

With control of the latest DVD Recordable drives, SpruceUp supports making discs directly, and can even write out to DLT tape for those wanting to replicate discs. Many users will choose to use CD-R for shorter duration material however, so SpruceUp fully supports this with Spruce’s DVDonCD technology. With a single click the user can place a player application on the CD that will allow the disc to play exactly like a DVD when placed in most recent PCs.

SpruceUp incorporates key product innovations that have helped Spruce become the dominant supplier to the high end DVD Production community. Built on an industrial strength authoring core, market-proven on thousands of professional titles, SpruceUp offers extensive real-time preview and simulation tools, intuitive text handling, context sensitive help and many other features to make using the product fast and enjoyable. With up to 10,000 menus, extensive menu and button editing, automated scene indexes, and support for hybrid discs, SpruceUp also has the creative power to go way beyond the canned projects normally associated with this price point.

Only SpruceUp offers the power to create, produce and distribute professional-quality multimedia content and Web interactivity, delivered on a CD or DVD

Full Featured Trial Version

SpruceUp has a unique “Trial Mode” which allows all features of the program to be used, up to and including writing two full projects to disc. Only when the user has fully tested the software do they have to purchase it. A simple online transaction unlocks the program at any time.

Availability, Pricing, and Distribution

SpruceUp is the first full-featured personal DVD authoring software priced at just $129. Leading manufacturers of capture cards, editing software, and other complementary products will be bundling SpruceUp, either in the full or full featured trial versions. It is also available for immediate download directly from Spruce at

About Spruce Technologies, Inc.

Spruce creates and delivers cutting-edge DVD authoring systems and new media services, providing a novel broadband solution for the distribution of rich Web-interactive content. The Spruce Applications and Systems Division develops and markets award-winning authoring applications for the professional market and the emerging personal market. The Spruce Convergence Services(TM) Division (SCS) offers a new and powerful integrated service model for the interactive broadband content creation and distribution industry. Based in San Jose, Calif., Spruce is privately held.

For the latest SpruceUp information, visit our Website, or contact Spruce Technologies at 408/861-2200.

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