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Dear My-FreeNet customer,

As we communicated earlier this week, the My-FreeNet service provider,, will be shutting down their business by the end of next week. We are in the final stages of making arrangements to secure another provider to service your account.

We believe the best solution to insure that you have a reliable, consistent, and convenient Internet connection is to provide an enhanced, advertising-free ISP and email service for a minimal monthly fee. You will no longer be required to interact regularly with a navigation bar or have your browser exposed to a permanent advertising banner. The new ISP service will include an email account, easy connectivity, and free 24-hour technical support. Plus, this service will represent a significant cost savings from the typical $19.95 monthly ISP charge.

For those customers wanting to remain with a free ISP alternative, we will be providing direct access to remaining companies that offer this service.

Once our partnership is finalized, we will communicate via email and on our local web site how to transition your accounts to our new ISP and email service.

Thanks for your patronage and support.