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Apparently, while SONY’s PSX2 hardware platform is vastly superior to most of the other 3rd Generation platforms, the development environment leaves a little to be desired. As a result, many developers who are porting games to the platform are not taking advantage of its advanced features, such as surround sound and anti-aliasing, which is how the PSX2 purports to realize more advanced graphical quality.

So for those few of us lucky enough to actually have a PSX2, the games don’t look as good as they will on some of the other game platforms in the coming months, at least not until SONY makes the PSX2 easier to access for developers.


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>Subject: Who will be king of the game consoles?
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>This is the total connundrum of the gaming marketplace: software.
>Man, I can’t beleive that Sony missed out on this. Sure they put a
>DVD player in the box and that makes it a neat hardware buy, but you
>still have to have the software to make it work! Looking at this
>article, it seems that Sony’s got some talent in the wings trying to
>produce some games, BUT the games missed the release of the
>hardware! Why? Apparently PSX2 is a bitch to write for.. Geesh!
>Even Nintendo figured out that making a developer-friendly platform
>is good for console (and consequently software) sales… It will be
>interesting to see how this all pans out. Has Sony Betamaxed
>themselves again??? You own one, what are your thoughts?