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I know SOME of you on this list will think I’m looking over your shoulder but I’ve been researching this myself through rumour boards. I think that this device is exactly what Research In Motion (a Canadian company) needs to push ahead — a nice shiny marketing shell over a simple, useful technology.

The deal with AOL will be RIM’s best defense against the coming onslaught from Motorola, but the target customer base will be extremely price sensitive. With AOL’s customer base largely paying $25 per month to get their PC’s onto the internet at 56K, how easy will it be to sell them a device for $150 that connects for $40./mo and only does email?

Here it is:

They haven’t even modified the form factor! Very un-hip. Slap that product manager.

I don’t think my Mom, the official FOIB benchmark of normal consumer behaviour, would buy it. Mom?

However, this might allow AOL to to nail the coveted teen market with a sticky product, if they implement Instant Messaging successfully on it. Too bad they missed Christmas. If you think talking to VCs who are constantly banging out emails across the table from you as you pitch your business plan is annoying, wait until it’s your kid.

Teens have typically made the ascendancy from pagers to mobile phones rather quickly. I however resisted the urge to trash my (inexplicably) free Cantel pager for a mobile phone until I was 25.

-Ian. (Luddite)

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AOL Mobile Communicator

AOL has released some details about its mobile communicator. This new device based on the RIM Blackberry 950 is slated to be released before the end of the year. With the large user base that AOL has it is easy to imagine this new device being very successful.

What Is It?

The AOL Mobile Communicator is a two-way messaging device that gives AOL members another way to access the popular AOL instant messaging and e-mail features. Users carrying these devices will be able to take their AOL e-mail and Buddy List® with instant messages with you anytime, anywhere.

Because this device is wireless, people will be able to access their AOL email or chat as if they were online without tying up the family computer or phone line. For all of you parents out there the Mobile Communicator will feature the many same security and fitering systems as a regular AOL account

Stay Tuned

More details are sure to be found as we draw closer to the release date. We’ll keep you informed of any breaking news that we come across. Check back for updates. —-