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*** Millions of Americans will open their Sunday papers this weekend to find — in addition to the news, weather and sports — that online retail giant has begun accepting pre-orders for the first Kerbango Internet Radios. That’s right, this Sunday the public at large will be able to order a Kerbango Radio for the first time!! However, because you’re on our Newslist, you can get a jump on them:


The first Kerbango Radio (Model RZ-100E) is broadband only. That means it uses an Ethernet connection as is typical with cable modems, DSL, ISDN or office LANs. The radio plays Real Audio and MP3 streams using the Kerbango Tuning Service to find channels from around the world. Sporting two full-range ducted stereo speakers with 2 watts per channel, the RZ-100E also includes a built-in antenna for receiving AM/FM broadcasts, a clock that’s updated automatically when connected to the Internet, and connectors for your home stereo or headphones.

The first release of the Kerbango RZ-100E Internet Radio is scheduled for January 2001, so we cannot offer Christmas availability. If units are available in December, however, they will be shipped at that time. More details are available at the link above or at our web site at