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Sorry man. I’m busy. My rates are higher on weekends anyway.

Soliciting dates on the list is a FOIB first! Gord, do we have an award for that or something?

Uh, I dunno where you live, but try:

I’ve met all of my wives there.


At 06:43 PM 24/08/00 +0000, Michael Wobbrock wrote:>All right, so NOW I’m beginning understand why the girls always
>want to remain friends – #@*!%^#_% Mandatory Bring A Date Events.
>So here’s the deal ­ there’s NO way I can suck it up and ask a
>recent “fling” to attend, not a single “hot lead” and I NEED a date
>for a crappy wedding I’m obligated attend next weekend. I’m
>returning to religion and praying one of you has some noteworthy
>Desperate times, desperate measures.
>- mw