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Is anyone out there male lovethirsty?


—–Original Message—– From: varma [mailto:varma [at] saikrupa [dot] com] Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2000 1:56 AM To: affiliate [at] evoice [dot] com Subject:

Dear sir, My name is e.p.shiva shankar, age 35-40, male,from hyderabad, email address is epss2000 [at] yahoo [dot] com and my phone no. is 7791110, H.No.10-1-540,chintalbasti, Khairthabad, Hyderabad, pin.code Number.500004 Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. please code this any female for me for freindship, from any corner of the country, any religion, any age, any, status, Ima here to them, from rich personality, the female everythingthey having in their live but male love thirsty. Ima here to them, everything iam having inmy life except beauty,love and peace. i hope the god, and i hope media will help to inthe shape ofthe god. to express their veiw each other, and love to each others and becomegood friend eachothers. thats all to media. and thanks to media for givig space to meet me this day.

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