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Actually, since FOIB is kind of a meta-all-things-cool I like subscribing to only the hippest of e-zines, among which UTD is one. Add us, slacker!

Besides, I’m convinced that nobody reads FOIB anyway.


At 01:14 PM 16/05/00 -0700, Mike Masnick wrote:>Uh oh… Um, just so it doesn’t look like I was touting my own horn and
>subscribing you all to my own newsletter, I’m guessing that Ian just did
>this… (yes?)
>In general, I tend to discourage subscribing mailing lists to my
>newsletter. It’s not that I have a problem with people reading my
>newsletter (no, I tend to like that part), but in general by doing it on a
>list, then people who haven’t really signed up for it are somewhat forced
>into it. Not that the newsletter comes out very often, but still…
>So, technically foib is now on the subscription list, but perhaps we should
>consider taking it off, and then just letting those on foib who chose to
>subscribe themselves do so…
> -Mike
>At 03:07 PM 5/16/00 -0500, utd-sub.autoresponder [at] techdirt [dot] com wrote:
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> > not always weekly update
> > on the Hi-Tech Industry
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> >Welcome to Up-To-Date, and thank you for subscribing. Currently the
> >list is self-managed. Therefore, while this is an automatic response
> >to your request, Mike still needs to add you to the list manually.
> >If you do not receive a copy of Up-To-Date when it is next published
> >(usually Sunday night/Monday morning) please send email to
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> >If at any time you wish to unsubscribe, simply send email to
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