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Wow… I guess I wasn’t that far off on the subscription-based model. Maybe that’s not the best way, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be so offensive to the userbase. More comments later.


>Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 12:59:14 -0700
>From: Gregory Alan Bolcer
>Reply-To: gbolcer [at] endtech [dot] com
>Organization: Endeavors Technology, Inc.
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>To: FoRK
>Subject: It’s all about the money
>It turns out, it really is all about the money. Napster
>should start hiring big time deal closers and work out
>an equity deal to the music players based on number of
>xfers. I think this Napster gang is going to grow up to
>be a huge legit music force. Hell, if they just started
>selling t-shirts, they’d have a multi-million dollar a month
>revenue stream.
> > The writing’s on the wall, RIAA: According to research
> > firm Webnoize 57 percent of college students surveyed use
> > controversial MP3 swapping software Napster at least
> > weekly. Of those who use Napster, 58.5 percent said they
> > would be willing to pay a $15/month subscription fee for the
> > service.
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