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I realized that I haven’t been too descriptive of my activities of late. I was managing a transition and have been really busy. So here goes..

I’m now the:

Director of Advanced Products eVoice, Inc. 1394 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025

Contact info:

650-330-3939 (Desk) 650-838-9945 (home) 650-315-5845 (mobile) 604-306-3615 (mobile – Canadian)

This means I’m back in California, under substantially better conditions than before. I’m living in a small house in Menlo Park that I rent from my friend Trish, and am taking care of her cats (long story…).

Ian Bell Consulting is now also incorporated in New York and I am working for eVoice under a consulting agreement — which is awesome.

I was intending to get back to Vancouver often but that hasn’t been too workable lately. Maybe soon.

eVoice is cool. Best way to describe it is basically the Enhanced Services side of BC TEL with more money, fewer bodies, and more lofty goals. The lead product is free voicemail, which replaces your existing telco voice mail or your answering machine. You can check this voicemail via email or the web, and be notified of incoming messages on your email, SMS phone, or alpha pager. Very convenient.

There are lots of new products upcoming, and that’s what I’m here for.

Incidentally, we do have access trunks in Vancouver but don’t yet offer the full service there. So if you wanna go try it out, sign up for an account with your home number and email me the account info and we’ll provision it by hand. Unlike our US users, you’ll have to pay for Call-Forwarding services and order it yourself with BC TEL/Telus.