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Well, in anticipation of the upcoming informal launch of MonkeyRadio, streaming 24/7 from the den of my house in Menlo Park CA (which is also Jeff’s Satellite studio for I have finally encoded the “DJ Heavy Smurf’s All 80s Christmas Mix” from way back in 1993 and made it available on the web.

If you’re not familiar, this was the tape I made while working one night at Dix on Dix and distributed to about 100 friends for Christmas. I’m actually going to set to work remastering it for CD/MiniDisc. Not sure if I’ll keep the cheesy Santa Claus samples. 🙂

Go check it out (file updates should have finished by 10PM) using your favorite MP3 player at

Also there are a couple of sets from one night when Geoff Gachallan paid me to DJ at 86st. Music Hall and I decided to get a little tanked. The music selection illustrates why this was a bad idea.