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OK.. at last the shroud is revealed.

After spending the last six months Snowboarding, doing sporadic consulting work, and generally goofing off I’m back in the limelight of Silicon Valley.

I have joined a company called eVoice in Menlo Park as their Director of Product Marketing, assuming responsibility ongoing for investigating product opportunities and bringing them into the Product Management team.

I am maintaining an informal presence in Vancouver by paying rent for a room at Gersham & Lucy’s place downtown, and by keeping my 604-306-3615 mobile phone number. I plan to return once a month or so to regain my sanity (which is fleeting daily).

604-306-3615 doesn’t work too well right now since Tipping broke the antenna.

I have a house that I rent in Menlo Park:

209 McKendry Dr Menlo Park CA 94025

My phone numbers here are:

650-330-3939 (work) 650-838-9945 (home) 650-315-5845 (mobile – temporary)

Lemme know if you’re planning on visiting here or Vancouver and we’ll hook up.


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