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Ummm.. what should we critique here first?

o Lack of successful penetration of all video conferencing products over the last 25 years. o Lack of any credible plan to deliver sufficient bandwidth to sup- port video to mobile phones. o Lack of sufficiently miniaturized ICs to support mobile telephony and video in a single handset. (ICs = Integrated Circuits).

Sounds like a perfect IPO!


Cell phone video start-up files for IPO By John Borland Staff Writer, CNET March 16, 2000, 12:10 p.m. PT update Dick Tracy readers know where the future is: It’s a wireless videophone for those quick calls to headquarters, right there on your wristwatch. That’s essentially the idea behind a San Diego, Calif., start-up called PacketVideo, which produces software allowing two-way video conversations or Internet video content to be delivered over mobile telephones and other wireless handheld devices. The company filed to go public this week.

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