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How many times can the US Patent Orifice award the same Patent to different people? How relevant is the Patent office in today’s technology climate, specifically vis-a-vis Software design and architectures? html/search-bool.html&r=2&f=G&lP&co1=AND&d=curr&s1=Dialpad&OS=Dialpad&RS=D ialpad

United States Patent 5,946,386 Rogers, et al. August 31, 1999

Call management system with call control from user workstation computers


A Call Management System provides for management of calls directly by system users at their workstation computers via a digital data network such as a digital networks not controlled via the user’s telephone instruments as in prior systems. A call management computer intercepts incoming calls and controls the handling of such calls according to instructions received from the users’ workstations, which are accessed via the digital data network. Trunk circuits are monitored and controlled using digital signal processors to proactively identify the called party, the calling party and the call type (voice, Fax, data) and control and to monitor all calls. Each different type of call is managed differently and automatically through direct user workstation controls and/or user-generated rules to provide special treatment for designated callers. Multiple calls to user at the same time may be handled with no busy signals to callers. Only one number is needed for a user to receive voice Fax and data calls. Fax and data transmissions are automatically received.