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Alright, since it’s 6:00AM and I am in Leeds, UK I might as well add to our earlier efforts to broaden everyone’s pub slang dictionaries..

Bird [‘Berd] NOUN – Def’n: Female. Fit [‘Fet] ADJ – Def’n: Attractive / Visually Appealing. Pull [‘Pol] VERB – Def’n: To pick up (usually for fornication). eg. “Ben and I were out at the Sky Rack the other night trying to pull these two fit birds until they told us to bugger off.”

Minger [Ming’a] NOUN – Def’n: Ugly Person [M/F]. Mingan [Ming’en] ADJ – Def’n: Ugly. eg. “Ben and I were out at the Sky Rack and he pulled this real minger.” eg. “Ben had this mingan bird on his arm until her boyfriend came in and snacked him one.”

Snog [‘Snog] VERB – Def’n: To make out with. Mutter [Mott’a] NOUN – Def’n: Really Ugly Person [M/F]. Leg It [‘Leg ‘et] VERB – Def’n: To run away. eg. “The lights turned up and Ben realized he’d been snogging a real mutter, so he pretended to be going for a pint and legged it for the front entrance.”

Ah, the English! I think the Falklands are safe..

Thanks, Ben, for helping me research this!