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MP3s Rock the House by Andy Patrizio

3:00 a.m. 19.Aug.99.PDT

MP3 addicts can now bypass those wimpy PC speakers and broadcast straight to their stereos, thanks to a wireless attachment that comes in under US$100.

On Wednesday, hardware developer X10 launched the MP3 Anywhere, a wireless kit that can transmit MP3 songs from a PC to stereos up to 100 feet away. The MP3 Anywhere Kit sends the audio signal over a 2.4-gigahertz radio band, the same high bandwidth radio signal used in consumer devices like cordless phones.

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The MP3 Anywhere Kit comes with the transmitter and receiver, as well as MouseREMOTE, a remote control unit that functions as both a universal remote and PC mouse. A WinAmp plug-in enables the MouseREMOTE to control the popular MP3 player software.

Last week X10 introduced DVD Anywhere, a similar product for broadcasting DVD movies from a PC to a television.

According to Alex Peder, president of retail sales at X10 of Seattle, Washington, the only difference between MP3 Anywhere and DVD Anywhere is the software.

Both products use the same hardware, and customers who have purchased DVD Anywhere can download a free software upgrade from X10 that will allow them to play MP3 files as well, said Peder.

Customers who purchase MP3 Anywhere automatically get the software for both MP3 and DVD playback.

A product like this could help users get over their reluctance to try MP3s because they only play on computers, according to one MP3 supporter.

“There are a lot of people who still think ‘Why would I want to play music on my computer?'” said Joeli Yaguda, vice president of marketing communications for MusicMatch, a developer of MP3 encoding and playback software.

“Tools like this make it so much easier to break people from the mindset that a computer is just for email.”