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Funny posting on Slashdot about the Iridium debacle:

So Gore Sold Us Out For Nothing (Score:2, Funny) by Fleet Admiral Ackbar (squid [at] columbus.rr [dot] com) on Friday August 13, @04:00PM EDT (#5) Let me get this straight…

Iridium needs a cheap launch, so… Motorola decides to launch in China, so… China can’t get their booster to work, so… After heavy DNC contributions, the Vice President signs a waiver authorizing limited missile tech to China, so… Iridium sats are launched, but… China uses the same tech to create the “Long March”, so… they announce first-strike capability against the U.S., so… Clinton does nothing, so… now they can nuke us, and we did it all so that Iridium sats could launch, and now… THEY’RE BANKRUPT?

That’s fantastic. We’ve given our most probable major enemy first- strike capability just so the DNC can afford to re-elect Gore, and the company that paid everyone off can’t even bother to stick around and provide decent service.

Aw, heck. -Ian.

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