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Once in a while I’m right about something. Jamie Zawinski, whose home page lives at, was the principal architect of Mozilla.ORG and a longtime Mozilla coder. He just quit his gig at Netscape with a long and overly melodramatic soliloquy at the URL below:

The point is: when guys like JWZ quit Netscape you know it’s in big trouble.

Yesterday I experienced first-hand how completely paralytic the Netscape organization (as it exists within AOL and Sun) as their PR person emailed me to inform me that they were pulling out of one of our press releases due to “internal politics”.

The death of Netscape is IMHO the first sign of impending chaos in the Internet securities market — the bubble is bursting. Netscape is on record as the fastest growing company in history — just goes to show that that which burns brightest burns shortest … or something like that.


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